Testimonials | Ruba Life - Top Motivational Speaker & Life Coach In Dubai
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Ruba possesses a unique, dynamic personality with very special set of skills. Aside from being intelligent, her positive energy oozes from every ounce of her being.


I had the honor to work with her at TM International. Whenever she speaks, her words reaches beyond one’s physical existence and straight into the soul. With her gentle human touch, she is quite capable of energizing your world and teaching you unassailable tools for achieving peak performance in your life and career.


Emad Alilo

I have been speaking with Dr. Ruba Asmar regularly, for the past year and she has really helped me set the right goals for myself. She has taught me how to gain control over my personal life as well as prioritize and set achievable goals for my professional life to help me achieve greater heights for my career.


She is a great listener and has an amazing way of discussion. Now, I have much better self confidence and I feel much more energetic about tackling everything.


Eman Al Atrash

After having thorough life coaching discussions with Ruba, I can say that she gave me a different point of view for some obstacles that happened during my life journey. Ruba professionally lead the discussion and steered me towards exploring new solutions, approaches and communication tools so that I can take critical and important decisions in the right direction.


By being a perfect listener, she has really helped me focus on what I need to do and set my priorities accordingly.


Sameh Ghazy

Ruba has the unique gift of being both an active listener & active contributor to the discussion, and she knows just when to adapt each. Such an important yet rare attribute to find in a life coach. She not only has the ability to identify the potential in people, but more importantly, the ability to make you identify the potential yourself.


She has a deep understanding of diversity with all of its components; from gender, nationality, background and up to diversity in mindset and individual potential. A necessary quality any life coach must possess.


Ruba is a naturally very positive person who is able to see the opportunity amongst any challenge.


Mostafa Mansour

I first heard Ruba talk in a public speaking club. Knowing her as a medical professional I know she can handle delivering a presentation in front of many people.


As time passed by and through frequent presentations in different clubs – from being a confident speaker she became an effective speaker and educator.


Ruba’s presentations are very informative and engaging. Her topics were timely and her presentation style was superb, engaging, energetic and motivational!


Love Charmaine Uyocho

I have committed with Ruba for 6 Sessions, through which I have discovered who I am and build my strength and mitigate my weaknesses as well. Ruba diagnosed my issues professionally and provided the necessary exercises to tackle these issues.  


As someone who has been educated in this field, her experience and commitment to help others, along with her impressive listening skills, have really helped. I started feeling the positive shift in my life after one week of kicking off the sessions. Moving forward, more positive energy has been injected in my life as I keep practicing the executry she provided.


Personally, up until now, I have not believed in such sessions and how it can cause dramatic shift in my life. Now, I believe and strongly recommend her and her services to all my connections. Life coaching is for everybody and many people don’t realize it.