Top Motivational Speaker In Dubai | Life Coaching | Ruba Ahmad
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With so many goals in life to achieve such as getting in shape, following a healthy lifestyle, saving or making more money, progressing in your career, mastering a craft, learning a language, or creating and improving relationships, it can be extremely tough to stay motivated to achieve everything all the time.


Excuses, obstacles, lack of support, and life in general has a sneaky way of draining our energy and diminishing our enthusiasm towards accomplishing our goals and dreams.


Although we cut ourselves slack as we accept our challenges, we still notice others around us still moving forward, achieving their objectives and reaching their full potential with no clear unique advantages. Why is it that there are always examples of people who, despite being under similar circumstances, were able to succeed nonetheless?


The answer is their inner drive and motive. Those who understand their behaviors, know their motives and what drives them in life, will always enjoy greater success than those who don’t. Ruba Life can help you and thousands others, through Motivational Speaking engagements to understand your behaviors, learn about new tools and researches, and learn how to stay focused and motivated.

“Every human being is seeking and is searching out there for happiness.

It’s not out there! It’s in YOU! Look within yourself, change your mindset, your perception, and set your mind to find infinite joy”

Regardless of whether you’re a top-tier manager, an intern at a startup, a school teenager, a mother who just delivered, or a weekend warrior interested in picking up a musical instrument, we can all use a little boost of motivation to get us back on track.


After years of setting goals, breaking them, and setting them again, we find ourselves losing credibility in our own minds. Ruba Life offers a new voice to listen to as well as a new approach.


Ruba’s way of simplifying the information, delivering the messages and customizing it according to the audience’s needs and understanding, inspires and influences everyone to act and change their circumstances to finally be able to achieve their goals and feel like they are in control of their life again.

Ruba has expertise in multiple fields and may speak on subjects varying from health and weight loss, to increasing sales, to inspiring and finding purpose in life, to simply living life to the fullest.


By catering her messages to specific subjects, Ruba is able to present proven strategies and techniques designed to accomplish even the most daunting goals. Learning new approaches to difficult tasks and how to change your mindset is the best way to boost motivation and confidence, overcome fears and pursue your personal and professional dreams.

Join Ruba in a journey to keep you feeling and looking young!