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Hi there! It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to Ruba Life and congratulate you on taking a courageous step towards exploring yourself more, reaching out to a happier life and releasing the passion, energy and power that you’ve had in you all along!


“The most important person you need to meet, understand and fall in love with, is Yourself”

“Remember, its all about your state of mind. Make sure that you see beauty in every moment you spend in your day, wherever you are and whatever the situation is”


Ruba Ahmad is a Professional Life Coach and Motivational Speaker based out of Dubai, UAE with over 9 years’ experience in Dermacosmetics and Health & Nutrition, combined with a Certification and Masters’ Degree in One-on-One Coaching and Neurolinguistics Programing.  


Deep listening and understanding helps you in discovering your true strengths, talents, and passions.  Ruba is able to reveal the inspirations and energy that drives each individual to become the best version of how they see themselves.