My Story | Ruba Ahmad - Top Motivational Speaker & Life Coach In Dubai
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It was only few years ago when I discovered that my passion and drive in life is contribution and significance. My satisfaction and fulfillment is felt when I help others, when I touch people’s hearts and lives, when I draw smiles on their faces and when I am part of their positive life changing patterns.


That’s me, Ruba! My mission is to stand out by the number of people who I positively contribute to their lives.


As a little girl I wanted to be a teacher, which is a noble and giving profession, however, my mom refused to allow me to pursue this career as she wanted me to become a dentist.


I studied dentistry in college, but then pursued my career in Pharmaceuticals. In the Pharmaceuticals industry, I worked in sales, medical and marketing departments. I earned many success stories and completed many outstanding projects before studying two master’s degrees and graduating with distinction. Now, I am pursuing my third academic masters in psychology and coaching to be able to better understand and help others.

People along my entire path, both near and far, have complimented me for my energy, contagious positivity, joyful attitude, motivational and inspirational character, determination, skills and my gift of influencing others.


I had a lot of stories in my life, ups and downs, easy and tough, successes and lessons, and now finally I’ve managed to reach the shore – the serenity, the meaningful “now” in every moment of my present, and the life I want to live…


For that reason, I want to share my knowledge, skills, talents, energy, serenity, meaning, experience and all the love I have, with all of the human race on this entire earth!

“Your body is simply a vessel carrying the most important and valuable asset – your soul”

Ruba discovered that the beauty of life and the real happiness comes through helping others, touching their hearts, sharing with them what you know and drawing a smile on their face. But the first person you need to help, discover, and satisfy is yourself to be able to give, live and enjoy your journey of life. Ruba emphasizes the beauty of discovering the powerful, beautiful, and wonderful self that lives within all of us.


We all have our own definition of what it means to be great, perfect or happy. As opposed to focusing on how to live up to society’s definition and standards of greatness and perfection, the most important judge of your own happiness and joy is yourself!

Inspiration and motivation are essential parts of our life that we all can make use of every single day. We all tend to go through different energy levels in life. At our lowest, we need a positive voice and helping hand that will lift us up, energize us and remind us of our greatness. Come along with Ruba Life in a journey full of power, energy, positivity, data, wisdom, research and a lot more!


Through Ruba Life one-to-one coaching, motivational speaking, training and workshops, Ruba will empower you with tools, information, exercises and good times that will help you in every aspect of your life based on your needs. With Ruba Life you will go on a ride to explore your inner self, your beliefs, your habits, and call upon moments in your past that will help you reach a destination of peace, serenity and joy.

I am grateful and thankful to God for my superhero, my best friend, my soul mate, my advisor, my mentor, my inspiration, and my all – my Mom. I love you Mom, and I am grateful to you for making me who I am today. You held my hand to rise step-by-step, you were my back and support when I tripped, you were the ears that listened to me, and you always forgive all my mistakes.


I can’t thank you enough and no words can express my feelings for you and my gratitude for having you as my mother.